Class: Biblical Manhood

Welcome to Biblical Manhood. This course is designed for men who desire to step into the sacred task God has assigned them. In this course we’ll dig deep into the Word of God, and discover the principles of manhood. We’ll discuss topics like the disciplined life, the need for mentors, the need for deep friendships, how to use your God-given strength, how to lead and care for women, why men struggle to pray, navigating conflict, and more. Along the way we’ll cover a lot of stories from Scripture, and many stories of great men who have gone before us.

The best way to use these materials is to commit to go through them together with somebody else. Learning on our own is great, but when we learn together we are stretched in unique ways. So, my encouragement to you is to find at least one other person who can commit to ten weeks of discussion together.

Each week includes reading & reflection to do at home, a lecture to watch at home, and then planned discussion questions you and your partner.

Book: The book for this class is Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes. Note that the lectures do not correspond to the book. Rather, you are encouraged to work with your study partner, to create a schedule to complete this book as you go through the lectures. Each week when you get together, you can discuss both the book and the lecture.

Online Lectures: Each week’s lecture can be found on the this Youtube Playlist.

Video Outlines & Discussion Guides: The file below corresponds to the 10 week video series above. Each week, use the fill in the blanks to follow along with the lectures. Then use the discussion questions to engage your study partner.

Introductory Video to the Course

An introductory video is provided below, and the full list of videos can be found here. Get ready to dig in!


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