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This page provides a handful of resources, both external (created by authors beyond this website), and internal (created by the authors of this website). The aim of these resources are to come alongside you as faithful followers of Christ, to help you think wisely on our times, and to know how to live with Biblical wisdom.

External Resources

The following short list of resources are written by various authors and will guide you as you dig deeper into this topic. Certainly, many more books and resources could be added to this list, but we have filtered this down to a select few in order to help guide the Church with simplicity.

This is an incredible resource by two very godly men on this topic. I often recommend this as a starting point for people. Some chapters are a bit more academic as they dig into particular passages and really break them apart. Others are much more pastoral as they attempt to answer common questions. Overall, a fantastic resource for the Church. Buy or Download for Free on DesiringGod.

This statement was put forward by a number of leading evangelical voices to help precisely navigate much of the LGBTQ conversation. I agree with everything written in this statement. View Online.

An 8–week study on gender, sexuality, and marriage. Authored by Denny Burk, David Closson, and Colin Smothers, it presents a biblical vision for contested issues such as homosexuality, transgenderism, and marriage. By the completion of this book, readers will have a better grasp on the Bible’s teaching about our identities as male and female, created in the image of God, and know how to apply Scripture to these issues in their ministries at church, home, and work. Buy on Amazon.

I am so grateful for this resource and the consistent work they are doing through blogs and podcasts to helpfully lay out a Christian worldview on these topics. Check out their podcasts while you visist the site. Visit

Internal Resources

Featured Resource

All Other Internal Resources

The resources below are a collection of articles, podcasts, and sermons by Pastor Raef that are tagged as relating to this topic.

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