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This page provides a handful of resources, both external (created by authors beyond this website), and internal (created by the authors of this website). The aim of these resources are to come alongside you as faithful followers of Christ, to help you think wisely on our times, and to know how to live with Biblical wisdom.

External Resources

The following short list of resources are written by various authors and will guide you as you dig deeper into this topic. Certainly, many more books and resources could be added to this list, but we have filtered this down to a select few in order to help guide the Church with simplicity.

Thomas Brooks was an influential Puritan Pastor and author. He lists seven reasons for writing this book. The first reason is enough…Brooks says, “Satan hath a greater influence upon men, and higher advantages over them than they think he hath, and the knowledge of his high advantage is the highway to disappoint him, and to render the soul strong in resisting, and happy in conquering.. Buy on Ligonier.

Joel Beeke is a personal Professor of mine and leads the seminary where I am studying towards my DMin. In a day when society has in many ways placed itself under Satan’s rule, when Satanism is flourishing in Western nations, when certain branches of the church are preoccupied with “deliverance ministries,” and when others deny the devil’s existence, Fighting Satan is a sober, practical perspective on this vital subject. Joel R. Beeke states, “We must know our enemy… . We must know how to withstand him and what spiritual weapons to take up against him. We must defeat him by faith through lives that bear fruit and spread the truth.” Buy on Ligonier.

An absolute classic that comes in the form of letters written between two demons discussing strategies for taking down the Christians they torment. Buy on Ligonier.

An eye opening book for me when I first read it. The author, Jim Logan, describes his work as a therapist. Once he only lightly considered Spiritual Warfare as a serious part of his patient’s situations. That is until he was confronted in his office by a demon manifesting itself through one of his patients. Since then, he has reconfigured his entire practice, and has written this book with loads of stories and practical advice for engaging spiritual warfare faithfully . Buy on Amazon.

This is a huge book, over 1,000 pages. But it is also perhaps the most in depth treatment ever written on this subject. William Gurnall was a Puritan, and this book has been regarded as one of the great Puritan works ever written. It is slow work to read this, but for those who give it the time, it is well worth it. Buy on Banner of Truth.

Internal Resources

The resources below are a collection of articles, podcasts, and sermons by Pastor Raef that are tagged as relating to this topic.

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