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This page provides a handful of resources, both external (created by authors beyond this website), and internal (created by the authors of this website). The aim of these resources are to come alongside you as faithful followers of Christ, to help you think wisely on our times, and to know how to live with Biblical wisdom.

External Resources

The following short list of resources are written by various authors and will guide you as you dig deeper into this topic. Certainly, many more books and resources could be added to this list, but we have filtered this down to a select few in order to help guide the Church with simplicity.

Perhaps the first book on this topic that I ever read. Lee Stroebel approaches the Christian faith through a series of interviews as a journalist seeking to discredit Christianity, only to discover it must be true. Buy on Amazon.

I recall the first time I engaged with this book, decades ago, thinking how every person needed to read it. McDowell goes through a number of “evidences” that are overwhelmingly convincing. His chapter on prophecy fulfilled is particularly memorable. Buy on Amazon.

An absolute classic. I know some who have come to faith in Jesus just by reading this book. CS Lewis provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear this powerful apologetic for the Christian faith. Buy on Amazon.

I really appreciated the thoroughness of this book. It is a denser read than the others on this list, and is really designed for those who want a deep dive on the topic. You’ll appreciate how he continues to come back to repeated themes. By the time you get done, you’ll have a solid sense of the various approaches of modern day apologetics. Buy on Amazon.

Van Til is the father of the Apologetics style I teach at Park, which is called Presuppositional Apologetics. This book is the shorter of two books that outlines his approach. Buy on Amazon.

Internal Resources

Featured Resource

Sermon: Acts 13:13-52 – How to Proclaim Jesus

The resources below are a collection of articles, podcasts, and sermons by Pastor Raef that are tagged as relating to this topic.

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