Topic Page: Theology

This page provides a handful of resources, both external (created by authors beyond this website), and internal (created by the authors of this website). The aim of these resources are to come alongside you as faithful followers of Christ, to help you think wisely on our times, and to know how to live with Biblical wisdom.

External Resources

The following short list of resources are written by various authors and will guide you as you dig deeper into this topic. Certainly, many more books and resources could be added to this list, but we have filtered this down to a select few in order to help guide the Church with simplicity.

This short and sweet book is an excellent introduction to Reformed Theology as it is taught by Pastor Raef. Buy on Christian Books.

It doesn’t get more classic than this. Packer was a bulwark of Reformed theology. This book is a fairly short read but will walk you through the doctrines of God and what it means for man to be in relationship with God. Buy on Amazon.

Wayne Grudem wrote the Systematic Theology textbook that is most widely used by American seminaries today. This book is a condensed and easier to read resource than the longer textbook and contains great discussion questions for those going through it as a group. Buy on Amazon.

Bavinck is a classic teacher of Reformed Theology. This book was only just recently translated to English and it is a gem. In it, Bavinck takes his massive Reformed Dogmatics and shrinks it down to a beautiful and readable work that will challenge your mind and grow your love of God. Buy on Amazon.

Internal Resources

The resources below are a collection of articles, podcasts, and sermons by Pastor Raef that are tagged as relating to this topic.

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