Class: Spiritual Formation

Welcome to Spiritual Formation, a 10 week course designed to take you on a track to truly go deeper in your love of Christ, in your convictions about the Word of God, and in your daily practice of walking with Jesus. This class is designed for men and women of all different stages in their journey with Christ.

The best way to use these materials is to commit to go through them together with somebody else. Learning on our own is great, but when we learn together we are stretched in unique ways. So, my encouragement to you is to find at least one other person who can commit to ten weeks of discussion together.

Each week includes reading & reflection to do at home, a lecture to watch at home, and then a discussion on what God is forming in you as you engage with this material.

Book: There are two short books that we recommend for this class. There is no assigned reading schedule to correspond with the videos. Rather, you are encouraged, with your study partner, to develop a schedule that works for you. The two books were both written by Puritans from generations past. The first is The Great Gain of Godliness by Thomas Watson. The second is Prayer by John Bunyan. You are encouraged to engage these books deeply, and permit them to challenge your soul.

Online Lectures: Each week’s lecture can be found on the this Youtube Playlist.

Making the Most of your Study Partner Discussions: There is no formal outline or set of questions to review each week when you come together. Rather, the desire is that some of the time would be spent reflecting upon both the readings and the lecture. What stuck out? What was challenging? What areas need growth in your life? What is God doing in you right now? Then, since this is a class on Spiritual Formation, it is best for you and your study partner to spend significant time each week in prayer together. Pray for one another’s soul formation. Pray for hardships and challenges in each other’s lives. Pray that the material would be produce fruit in their life.

Introductory Video to the Course

An introductory video is provided below, and the full list of videos can be found here. Get ready to dig in!


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