Class: Genesis to Revelation

Welcome to Genesis to Revelation, a comprehensive study of the entire Bible, book by book. This course is designed for folks of all different backgrounds. So whether you’ve taken a class or two on theology before, or this is your first time venturing into this kind of space, this class will benefit you.

The best way to use these materials is to commit to go through them together with somebody else. Learning on our own is great, but when we learn together we are stretched in unique ways. So, my encouragement to you is to find at least one other person who can commit to ten weeks of discussion together.

Each week includes reading & reflection to do at home, a lecture to watch at home, and then planned discussion questions you and your partner.

Book: The only book we will use for this course is The Bible. Have your Bibles ready, and have a pen or pencil prepared to take notes as you go through. We encourage you to have a Bible with a short overviews before each book that provide context to help you read the stories well. (If needed, see various overviews of each book in the Bible compiled and organized here.)

Online Lectures: Each week’s lecture can be found on the this Youtube Playlist.

Preparing for & Making the Most Of Your Discussions: In order to make the most of the discussions with your study partner, you will need to read the chapters of the Bible before attending your discussions reflectively. Using a pen and paper aim to accomplish the following each week.

  1. Write a short paragraph that explains the general sense and heart of the book you read.
  2. Write down any key sections or verses that particularly spoke to your heart. Why did they speak to you?
  3. Write down any questions you have from the text? Was anything confusing? Or did anything seem difficult to understand.
  4. What did you learn about God from this text? Are there any qualities or characteristics about God that particularly impacted you? Did He say or do anything in this book that might be helpful to discuss?
  5. What did you learn about mankind from this book? Was mankind condemned or instructed in any particular ways that might be worthy for discussion? If the book you read was a narrative, what qualities did the characters display that were worthy of imitation? What qualities did the characters display that were improper?
  6. How does the Gospel of Jesus Christ—that we Jesus died for our sins on the cross, resurrected from the grave to defeat sin, Satan, and death, and offers us new life by grace through faith—impact your study and understanding of this book?
  7. How will you live differently as a result of reading this book? Is there a change of heart, or of mind, or of action that would need to be made in order to bring your life in alignment with the life lessons of this book?

Week 1 Introductory Video & Discussion Questions

We have provided the Introductory Video to the course below. The full list of videos can be found here. The first three weeks are stand alone lessons to help you prepare for a lifetime of studying the Bible. After those three weeks, each class title corresponds to a particular book of the Bible


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