False Blog Posts From My Account

This morning’s email bombardment from my account was not from me. Here’s what happened.

To those of you who receive email updates when I write a new blog post, I apologize for this morning’s bombardment of emails. This morning I attempted to install a new design and look to my blog. As I completed the process, I discovered that the new design I installed also created many ‘sample blog posts’ that upon installation got sent out to all my followers as if I had written them. Many of the ‘sample blog posts’ that came with the design were also focused on transgender clothing.

I will be reaching out to my website provider to let them know of the issue so that it doesn’t happen to anybody else. This issue should not happen again. I do hope you stay subscribed as we have plenty more great content prepared for the coming season.


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The Radical Exclusivity of Modern Inclusivity
group of people crossing pedestrian lane in greyscale

The Radical Exclusivity of Modern Inclusivity

At the heart of every idea is an exclusive claim of truth

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A Desperate Father

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