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Pressure Mounts to Repeal The Hyde Amendment The Christian Optimist

The LA Times released an article titled, 'Biden pledged to end an abortion funding ban. Will he start with his budget?' In this episode we discuss the History of the Hyde Amendment and the evils of the abortion industry. We challenge Christians of all political leanings to strengthen themselves with Biblical courage to speak up against the Abortion Industry and to act with Christ like sacrificial love for our neighbors.LA Times Article: Magazine Article: Article: Research Council Article on Racist Eugenics Policies and Quotes of Margaret Sanger: Policy Report – The Effects of Abortion on the Black Community:
  1. Pressure Mounts to Repeal The Hyde Amendment
  2. Courage in Evangelism
  3. Is There Life After Death? Atheists Weigh In
  4. The Death of Adam Toledo
  5. Imprisoned for Holding Church Service

What’s This Podcast About?

On this weekly podcast we tackle the real world issues and questions you have every day, head on. From Apologetics and Worldview, to doctrine, devotion, politics, news. It all gets covered here. Rooted in the Bible and an optimistic understanding of eschatology, we’ll study culture, interpret it through the Word of God, and have some fun along the way!

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