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Polyamory—The New Front on the Sexual Revolution The Christian Optimist

In this episode Pastor Raef digs into a new front on the sexual revolution, that of Polyamory (when a person has one or more romantic partners at the same time, with the enthusiastic consent of everyone involved). What should Christians think about this? And what are the Gospel implications? Article References
  1. Polyamory—The New Front on the Sexual Revolution
  2. Why Do Women Have More Empathy Than Men?
  3. Five Disciplines to Deepen Your Resolve in Christ
  4. The Controversy Around Christian Nationalism
  5. The Respect for Marriage Act — Plus Q&A

What’s This Podcast About?

On this weekly podcast we tackle the real world issues and questions you have every day, head on. From Apologetics and Worldview, to doctrine, devotion, politics, news. It all gets covered here. Rooted in the Bible and an optimistic understanding of eschatology, we’ll study culture, interpret it through the Word of God, and have some fun along the way!

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