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Canada's Euthanasia Problem The Christian Optimist

In this episode, Pastor Raef Chenery discusses the issue of legalized physician assisted suicide in Canada and how to think about this from a biblical worldview.Resources
  1. Canada's Euthanasia Problem
  2. Just War Theory
  3. Why Can We Trust the Bible?
  4. Israel & Hamas, A Biblical Starting Point for Engagement
  5. The Christian and Same Sex Attraction: An Interview

What’s This Podcast About?

On this weekly podcast we tackle the real world issues and questions you have every day, head on. From Apologetics and Worldview, to doctrine, devotion, politics, news. It all gets covered here. Rooted in the Bible and an optimistic understanding of eschatology, we’ll study culture, interpret it through the Word of God, and have some fun along the way!

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