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Justification: Catholics vs. Protestants The Christian Optimist

In this episode Pastor Raef digs into one of the core divisions between Catholics and Protestants, the doctrine of Justification.This episode correlates to a blog post that Pastor Raef wrote on this topic that can be found here: We Together?: A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism by RC Sproul
  1. Justification: Catholics vs. Protestants
  2. Christian Adoption: Interview with Sara Chenery
  3. Mike Rolfes Discusses Chicago's New Mayor
  4. Responding to the Problem of Evil + Q&A (AI, Male Headship, & Identity)
  5. Juan Riesco: Making Much of Christ (Homosexuality, Abortion, Persecution)

What’s This Podcast About?

On this weekly podcast we tackle the real world issues and questions you have every day, head on. From Apologetics and Worldview, to doctrine, devotion, politics, news. It all gets covered here. Rooted in the Bible and an optimistic understanding of eschatology, we’ll study culture, interpret it through the Word of God, and have some fun along the way!

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