The Christian Optimist Podcast

On this weekly podcast we tackle the real world issues and questions you have every day, head on. From Apologetics and Worldview, to doctrine, devotion, politics, news. It all gets covered here. Rooted in the Bible and an optimistic understanding of eschatology, we’ll study culture, interpret it through the Word of God, and have some fun along the way!

Johnny Mac Attack and Chris Pratt The Christian Optimist

This week Pastor Raef discusses the process of deciding how to host church services indoors as weather gets colder, and how John MacArthur’s call to action is sparking a nation wide debate with church leaders around the country. We also take a look into Chris Pratt’s outspoken faith has highlighted a bigger issue in media and our current culture. 
  1. Johnny Mac Attack and Chris Pratt
  2. Bill Nye the Anti Science Guy
  3. Sam Harris Shows Us Why Atheism is Silly
  4. Laws of Logic: Why Does Math Work?

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