Men’s Ministry: Jesus is the Man

Introduction to the Series

In this introductory video I’ll setup the content that will be discussed in the following ten weeks, provide vision for where we are going, and how to use this content most effectively.

Week 1

Week 1: Temptations – Two Traps Every Man Must Overcome

In week 1 we will discuss the two primary traps or temptations every man will encounter. The first trap is becoming a Misdirected Man. The second trap is becoming a restrained man. Only by looking to Jesus, the one true man, can we navigate these pitfalls securely.

Week 2

Week 2: Discipline – The Way of the Godly Man

In this second week week we discuss the topic of ‘The Disciplined Life.’ Today in Christianity men who are disciplined about their faith are more often the rare occasion than the norm. In this video we’ll discuss three traps that hinder men from developing a spiritually disciplined life, and discover five key disciplines men must learn to form if they desire to mature as Men of God.

Week 3

Week 3: Friendship – A Few Mighty Men Makes All the Difference

In this third week we discuss the importance of men having other men in their life as deep, meaningful friends to encourage one another, lift each other up, and strive towards Christ together. With King David and Jonathan as the example, we’ll discover five qualities that men should pursue when developing Christian friendships with other men.

Week 4

Week 4: Strength – A Unique Responsibility Assigned to Men

In this video in the series, Pastor Raef discusses the topic of strength as it relates to Biblical men. What is its purpose, and how are Kingdom Men called to carry their strength? When godly men utilize their strength like Jesus, everyone around them flourishes.

Week 5

Week 5: Prayer – Why Men Have a Hard Time Praying

In this session we look at the Spiritual Discipline of prayer. Prayer is at the center of the Christian faith because in it we commune with God. When we pray we surrender to a mystery far greater than ourselves. We purpose to get lost in the vastness that is God. We don’t come with answers, but we come with questions. And it is into that place of unknown, where true surrender begins to take place and God begins to do his greatest work.

Week 6

Week 6: Women – Your Calling to See the Women in Your Life Flourish

This discussion is aimed at every man, whether you are single for life and need to consider how to relate to the women in your life, or dating, engaged or married. We need a right theology for how we relate to women. A man’s calling is to lift up everyone around them, especially the women in their spheres of influence, to point them towards Jesus and see them flourish.

Week 7

Week 7: Pornography & Addiction – Satan’s Strongest Hold on Men

Pornography is one of Satan’s strongest holds over men in western culture. Many Christian men have found their addiction to pornography has hurt not only themselves but others around them as well. Christ is powerful to set you free from this addiction and to restore you to purity.

Week 8

Week 8: Crisis & Conflict – Turning to Christ In the Midst of Struggle

Every follower of Christ will experience conflict. It is inevitable. But most Christians are not practiced or biblically trained in managing and resolving conflict. Men especially tend to make the two classic mistakes of conflict resolution, fight or flight. But the Bible offers a different perspective. The Bible offers men a chance at leadership through conflict, a chance to point others around them towards the grace of Christ.

Week 9

Week 9 – Work & Why We Must Address Modern Gnosticism

Have you ever wondered why the work you do matters to God. Many men go through their whole life thinking that the actual work they do matters very little in God’s Kingdom, that the only work that matters is “spiritual” work. But this is simply not Biblical. Every man has a calling, an assignment from God.

Week 10

Week 10: The Spirit Filled Joy Abounding Disciple Making Man

In this final week we dig into the heart behind this entire series. The highest calling on every man’s life is to know His savior, Jesus Christ. To set a path of maximizing your love of him and pursuit of him for the course of your life. To walk in His power and strength. To be a disciple maker like Him. The days are short, will you choose to make the most of every moment the Lord gives you?

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